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Thankyou for visiting the RugbyNet website of the Wyndham City "Rhino's" Rugby Union Football Club.

Closure of this RugbyNet website from the 18th December 2015.

The ARU has decided to discontinue the free website service it provides through RugbyNet which in itself has now been replaced by RugbyLink. We will continue to post any news and notices during the off season on our official FaceBook Page: Wyndham Rhinos and on our TeamApp both of which you are encouraged to join. The club is currently looking at alternate free providers and will advise once one had been determoned.

Summer Recess.

The 2015 season has now concluded with the completion of the AGM last month. 2016 will hold more challenges but your club as always, along with the help of you and the players, will meet these challenges head on and ensure that the players and the club continue to play and provide a high quality of rugby and service for anyone wishing to participate.

We wish everyone a happy and safe Christmas and New Year and look forward to seeing everyone back in 2016.

Rhino's feature in Septembers Junior Grand Finals.

Not only did our club host one of the best organised and run Junior Grand Final days in recent years,our U/11's, 12's,14's and 16's played exceptional rugby with the 11's, 14' and 16's becoming Premiers in their grades and our 12's very respectable runner's up. A big thanks to all those who assisted throughout the day off field and the tireless workers in the canteen all of which without, the day would not have reached the high level it did. It was great to have our Mayor Peter Maynard come down along with local and federal members all of who acknowledged the way our teams presented and the way the day was run. 



Seniors finish their season with a gallant 19 to 13 loss to Kiwi Hawthorn.

Our Senior Men came very close in causing an upset win over Kiwi Hawthorn just going down by 6 points in a very tight and entertaining match. Congratulations to Karl, Rocky and all our players in making it into the finals. The Seniors look ahead now towards their presentation night to be held on the 21st August.



Junior games resume on Saturday 22nd August with U/7,8,9 and 10's playing at home along with the U/11's. U/12A's have the bye along with the U/14's while the U/16's play away at Box Hill. Check with your coach/team manager for any late changes.


Good luck to all teams on their game days. PLEASE ensure all teams and supporters participate in the spirit of the game. All support should be encouraging and positive for BOTH teams.

GO HARD, GO RHINOS..........

 From 2016 the ARU will be shutting off access to the RugbyNet website as a cost cutting exercise to clubs such as ourselves who have continually used it as the major line of communication to players, parents and visitors to the site. They will not be offering a free alternative but expecting those clubs that use it to seek their own lines of communication to players and club members. It is strongly recommended that all players, parents and members download teamapp.com and join the Wyndham City Rhinos. This app will be receiving more club traffic with more information and news being added as the season continues. Information on this Rugbynet website will decrease and we will be asking the ARU to discontinue it once our TeamApp is brought up to date. The Teamapp and the Wyndham Rhinos facebook page will remain the official club's primary line of communication in the immediate and ongoing future.
























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